Spotlight "Almost Broadway"

My Ears

MiA Bass did a fabulous Job at the show on August 5th! 

Showji and Meet Me At The Wave Made and NY Keizai Shinbone and Yahoo News Japan!! He's been really climbing to stardom. We are so happy to have him in our production. Very Proud! Yahoo News and Ny Keizai Shinone link at bottom of the picture


NY Keizai Shinone

We'd like to truly thank all the papers, Blogs, radio personalities, People who are just talking to friends about us, in short, everybody for your support! We will never forget you! Thanks again

August 5th was a blast! Enjoy the pics!

Thank you to 

Shukan- NY seikatsu for liking our show!

Link at the bottom

Thank you to ADD 7 NYC for this write up! 
link at the bottom 

Add 7