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Our play teaches about the beginning physics of sound. Whether your child has seen the play or you're planing to see the play, our "At The Wave Memory Card Game" gives the child another avenue to learn about sound. For only $10 dollars plus $3 shipping you are ready to have hours of learning fun.  In the message box put your mailing address and send. You pay through Paypal. A Paypal account is not needed. You will be notified as to when we send it out.

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 The Concession Stand

                            AT The Wave Memory Card game

2 ways to play!

ATW Memory game Lay all the cards down on the table face down. Match the cards. Wild cards you can keep and save it to use later or you can use them right then. At the end of the game if there are no more matches if you have the card that’s on the table in your deck you can claim the card and add to your deck. The one who has the most cards collected won the game. 

The Wave Attack Game

Up to 4 people can play. Deal 10 cards to each person. The rest of the deck the dealer puts down. When everybody is ready after examining their cards. Flip over the top card. The object is to match the characters and place your cards down first. Cards with multiple characters are valuable and easier to get rid of because as long as the character is on the card and on the deck you can play it. The last person to get rid of a card gets to flip the next card. If somebody puts down a wild card they can go again and put any card down. This is a fast paced game. Good luck! 

Parents and Eduacators : I have a great lesson plan for 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders for $2. just email us and we will send it out. 

To buy the Meet Me AT The Wave by At The Wave music is available on iTunes and Amazon